Being a Moderator of The House Publishing Club

Become a Moderator of The House Publishing Club!


Are you interested in joining a private club for people interested in publishing anything house-related? Would you like to help lead it, putting yourself in the middle of the action? Then join The House Publishing Club and apply to become a moderator! 

Moderators get FREE membership. For more details about:

  • all the great benefits you get from being a moderator
  • what it involves
  • a sneak peek inside the club
  • a contact form to apply for moderatorship…

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Learn about the Club

Being a moderator is a fantastic way to meet more people and shape the future of our club!

Take a sneak peek inside the club:

Some Benefits of Being a Moderator

  • Free membership as long as you’re a moderator…
  • Promotion when the club does Moderator Spotlights on social media…
  • The pleasure of giving back to the community…
  • A leadership role that you can put on your resume…
  • The highest level of networking within the club. You get your name out there in the biggest way possible by moderating a topic or a tribe — or both!
  • Connection to other moderators in a private tribe led by Travis Neighbor Ward, the founder of The House Publishing Club™ and The Decorated Way™…
  • If you’re a pro and you moderate a student tribe, you can help younger people and get in touch with potential interns or employees. Make contact now with the future leaders of design…
  • If you’re a student moderating a student tribe, you can help lead your peers and connect with the pro moderators. 

Here are some of the topics geared towards specific professions, where moderators actively help guide discussions:

The House Publishing Club BizTalk topics

What's Involved

Being a moderator is easy! All you have to do is stay active in the club and help spread the word.

Moderators check into the club daily — once or twice a day. They see if members have questions or issues that need to be addressed, and they comment on posts.  If there’s a question you can’t answer, just let me know and I’ll take care of it. 

Plus, moderators help the club grow by sharing links to the club on social media and encouraging others to join.

Beyond that being a moderator comes down to how much you want to contribute. It can include things like:

  • Leading a tribe
  • Creating polls or questions
  • Engaging in live chat rooms and Q&As
  • Arranging in-person meetups 
  • Being a mentor to a students
  • Critiquing resumes
  • Analyzing people’s publishing attempts and giving feedback
  • and more! 

How to Apply

Fill out the contact form below and let us know who you are and why you want to be a moderator. We’ll get back to your shortly. Thanks!

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