Reusable, Washable Face Masks with Adjustable Nose Piece + Option for Built-in, Permanent Filter!


Memorial Day Sale: The Patriot Collection

Buy 3 masks with filters in Cardinal, White, and Navy, and save 15% off until May 31, 2020. Any size.  $75  $60 total. While supplies last.

We've made more than 450 masks for our customers! Scroll down for reviews. Plus, check out the 22 fabrics we offer.

Masks by The Decorated Way

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We ship within the USA. If you live in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, we deliver to your mailbox. Free local delivery when you order 4+ masks. Otherwise there is a $2 delivery fee per order.


Customer Reviews

"I actually ordered from four different sources and these masks are my favorite! They are comfortable and came with great detailed instructions. Ordering and pick up was super easy and they had offered to drop them off as well. Great masks from great neighbors."
— Kathleen Dunlap

"I want to recommend Masks by The Decorated Way. I have ordered 12 masks for me and my family, and we are all so pleased with them. The fabrics are attractive and of good quality, and hold up under numerous washings. Just what we need right now."
— Barbara Reid

Bought two of Travis' masks during the height of the lock down. She was a joy to work with ; and the masks are wonderful. The whole mask is washable, the nose guard is adjustable and they include high-grade filter( though not medical grade). She has expanded her fabric selection with some fun new prints. I heartily recommend Travis, her daughters, and her masks.

— Leleigh Ellinger

"I am a pediatric home care RN and we have very limited access to decent masks. I ordered several of these for all of my family members. Although they are not N95’s, I take comfort and feel a little more secure that the filter is made from the same material as N95’s. They are incredibly comfortable and fit snug. Covid is not going away anytime soon and seeing how many people are refusing to wear masks right now, it is more important than ever for personal protection. Every precaution helps. Be safe out there!!!"
— Kim Kaufmann

"The masks my family received from Masks The Decorated Way are good quality. The fit is snug and the material is comfortable. Easy to wash and re-use. Support local business."
— Angela Smith

"These masks are well-made, fit securely, and make me feel much safer as I'm shopping for necessities. They are also comfortable and feature nice, stylish fabrics."
— Jennifer McLaine Green

"The masks fit perfectly and keep their shape after washing. I am so thankful to the innovative Ward production team for this peace of mind."
— Kim Zemmali

"I love the fit around the nose. It stays on well, so no slipping where I have to touch my face. Also, not too hot where I am sweating. Thank you so much!"
— Brandi Diamond

How to Order: