Instagram Unfollows: Unfollowing People Can Hurt Your Business

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Instagram unfollows can be very bad for business.

Instagram unfollows are one of the biggest wastes of time on social media — and they can hurt your reputation and your business if you’re the one doing the unfollowing. If you’re already on Instagram, you know how frustrating this … Read More

What the Blogging Definition Is Now and How Your Blog Fits It

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The blogging definition has changed in recent years.

Do you want to start blogging for personal or professional reasons, but you’re not sure what blogging means these days? Well, you’re not the only one! The blogging definition has changed dramatically since blogs were first launched back in the … Read More

Start a Blog Following These 10 Steps to Ensure Your Success

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It’s so easy to start a blog these days – but launching into it without carefully thinking it through isn’t a good idea. I did this years ago when I first started blogging because my enthusiasm got the better of … Read More

The SEO Audit: Why Your Website Needs One

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Everyone should have an SEO audit done for their website on a regular basis, just as everyone should have car maintenance done or an annual physical. An SEO audit tells you the health of your website with regards to how … Read More

How to Buy Domain Names: A Complete Guide

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Understanding how to buy domain names is essential for anyone who wants an online presence. The domain name, or URL, is your address on the Internet. It lets people find you in cyberspace and it serves as your calling card, heralding your … Read More